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Windsor Yoga Haus was founded in May of 2013.
We offer public and private Vinyasa, Gentle and Restorative classes, as well as seasonal outdoor classes at beautiful, local wineries. We believe that yoga is accessible to everybody, regardless of fitness level or age and strive to create a supportive atmosphere for beginner and intermediate/advanced students. The yogic philosophies and mind-body relationships we attempt to strengthen on the mat are direct reflections of how we choose to live off the mat.

Meet our teachers:

2016_06_YJ_SD0713Michaela Codding

I originally came to yoga for its physical benefits. I was a long distance runner suffering from back and hip pain. Through regular practice my back started feeling better and I found more ease in my running. In the process of the physical practice I discovered the mental benefits of spending time on my mat. Yoga helped me be aware of blockages in my life that I had built up after experiencing trauma during my youth. I realized that I was so scared of shining my own light that I started to hide in many areas of my life. Fear literally ran my life.
My practice taught me to breathe through discomfort, to find my own power and to let go of the inner voice that was telling me “you’re not good enough”. But it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2015 that I truly became open to the possibility of living my life to my fullest potential. My yoga practice has changed immensely after surgery and radiation but it has supported me through over a year of treatment and into my recovery.

My teacher Baron Baptiste often says “How you do anything is how you do everything” and that holds true for all of us. What we practice on our mats translates directly into our lives. My passion is to empower my students to live bigger lives, to give up self limiting beliefs and to practice compassion for themselves as well as for their communities.

I have been teaching yoga for 8 years and have received all of my training through Baron Baptiste. Before teaching yoga I worked as a personal trainer for several years, which enables me to teach from a strong background in anatomy and therefor keep my students safe in their practice.

I teach Vinyasa flow classes, combining breath with movement. I believe strongly in finding a balance of strength and ease on and off the mat. Through encouraging my students to listen to their own bodies, they are able to find that balance between getting out of their comfort zones toward a place of growth on one hand but feeling safe to modify and take child’s pose on the other.



Leilana Pueliu

Leilana Pueliu is a certified yoga teacher trained under Michelle Myhre and David Nelson of Yoga Garden in SF, where she studied Hatha Yoga in the tradition of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamachaya. Leilana has integrated her modern yoga practice with her passion for dance and self-empowerment by creating a class focused on organic movement, flexibility, strength-building, self-inquiry, awareness and playful fun.
She is currently a psychology major at Sonoma State, pursuing a career in Somatic Therapy with a focus on dance and creative movement. Leilana believes that movement is one of the most ancient, instinctual forms of healing and positive creation.
Whether you’re an experienced yogi/yogini or a curious newcomer, Leilana will help guide you, side by side, through your inner and outer journey.


Fun-ardha triangleCourtney Rohan

For over 11 years, Courtney has taught middle school English and yoga. During this time, she has enjoyed living up and down the east coast from New Hampshire to South Carolina, providing students with skills to not only address learning in the classroom, their business, and on the mat, but practices that delve into the heart of elevation and evolution.

Courtney has been incited with what it means to align for the good of one’s soul by great teachers: Daniel Orlansky, the originator of Meridian Yoga and an amazing Kundalini teacher; Carrie Tyler, the founder of the Rasamaya Method of Movement; Jennifer Yarro, director and owner of Frog Lotus Yoga and founder of The Triple Gem School of Thai Massage; Alexandra Holmes, senior teacher at Dhyana Yoga, who offers a Dynamic Flow Immersion that changes a yoga teacher’s thinking on sequencing and philosophy. Courtney has stepped into a huge vat of yogic serum that she is excited to share with those around her.

Courtney’s interaction with each one of her teachers, even those unmentioned, has been sweet. She has received a 200 hour certification in the Yoga of Energy Flow, a bachelor’s degree in English and psychology, and a master’s in education. While being filled by immersions, workshops, bodywork, and interpersonal experiences. She has and will continue to offer her skills as a teacher, bodyworker, and coach.

See, Courtney is a cancer survivor, and though this, as well as any other label, does not define her, she feels the human experience, contemplates it and shares it. She gives credit to God and those who have shared their life study. Their lineage has spilled into her soul, healed her, and now heals the people she touches.

Courtney Rohan currently lives in Santa Rosa, California teaching yoga, offering bodywork and coaching as Courtney Rohan Yoga. Her services include yoga classes, private instruction: a path to launching and sustaining your yoga practice, intuitive coaching and Thai Yoga Massage. She is passionate and sincere about her life as a teacher and a student.

IMG_3094Vinita Laroia

Consider Vinita an eternal student and a free spirit. She is always inspired by the depth of Life and completely amazed by this beautiful world. Vinita has recently moved to California after a fifteen-year love affair with the Colorado and Wyoming Rockies. She spent much of this time in Boulder, CO where she attended both Naropa University and the University of Colorado, graduating with a B.S in Environmental Science. After several infamous years as a resident snow bunny in Beaver Creek she meandered up to Laramie, WY where she matriculated in the College of Law and received her J.D in 2009. After many years of personal practice, Vinita completed her 200TT with Mark Stephens in Santa Cruz. She has since helped many students find their inner strength, balance, and flexibility. She maintains a high level of presence with a focus on alignment, providing adjustments as necessary. Beyond yoga, her interests include hiking, camping, rock hounding, mom-ing, and plant medicine. You may learn more about Vinita at See you on the mat.